Kafe Krave, 143 Newmarket Road, Windsor, QLD 4030, Ph: 07 33573009

Date of Review: 01 December 2012

Positioned on a busy corner in the Home Zone Centre in Newmarket, the bustling Kafe Krave provides the ideal vantage point for people watching. A sign out the front advertising Campos coffee entices me inside. I sit on one of the adorable leather stools with a laminated canvas coffee bag top and peruse the menu.

Atmosphere: 4/5

I'm told that all meals that come with bread can be made "gluten free". On closer inspection of the menu, I enquire whether this includes meals with bacon. I receive a blank look and am told the bacon is 'normal'and therefore probably not gluten free. I am not inspired with confidence. Therefore, I ordered scrambled eggs with avocado on gluten free toast. The scrambled eggs were very good - soft, creamy and folded into a mess of perfection. However they were only luke warm. The avocado was a cool change and went well with the eggs. The coffee was a savour - smooth and strong. This meal was a "no frills" breakfast - no garnishes or styling.

Food: 16/20

The waitstaff in general were fairly cool, brisk and inattentive. The maitre de was quite friendly though.

Staff: 6/10

Most of the breakfast menu is under $18, with the cheapest option being about $8.50. There is an additional charge for gluten free bread. My scrambled eggs with a side of avocado, gluten free bread and latte cost $18.

Value: 7/10

While the cafe was relatively clean, I had to ask for new cutlery, due to there being gunk on the fork.

Cleanliness: 2/5

TOTAL SCORE: 35/50 or 70%

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