Gluten Free in the City

Working in the corporate hub of Australia's third largest city implies that there should be a plethora of gluten free takeaway options. But when it comes down to it - how many different gluten free takeaway options are there? In my experience, not enough.

Of course there are plenty of dining-in options, usually with a pretty price tag to match, but where do you go if you want a cheap, on-the-run, gluten free takeaway lunch which actually fills you up?

I have resorted to sushi many, many times - but there's only so much avocado, salmon and other vegetable combinations I can handle, before I get bored. Of the sushi bars I've tried, only Sushi Sushi in Albert Lane, Brisbane stocks gluten free soya sauce for a minimal charge. So unless you have sauces for the road, you're left with a pretty bland lunch.

Another go-to for me is the rediscovery of rice paper rolls, but like sushi, the combinations are limited and you have to watch the dipping sauce. To me this is just a lighter version of sushi.

Then there's the staple salad - again this tends to be bland unless the dressing is gluten free and doesn't just involve a squeeze of olive oil and lemon or lime juice. Some variety can at least be achieved with the ingredients in the salad though.

The gluten free lunch options with the most flavour would have to be Mexican and Indian takeaways. But these options also tend to be more expensive, making them not every-day purchases. Plus these dishes are not really suited to an eat-on-the-run type scenario!

So what is left on the smorgasboard for a gluten free glutton like myself? Suggestions please!

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