Zenbar, 215 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Ph: 0732112333

Date of Review: 22 November 2012

Zenbar is well known as a Brisbane drinking establishment, but what about an eating establishment? I decided to put Zenbar to my gluten free eating challenge. The modern, spacious surroundings provided some quiet and cool relief from the hustle and bustle and soaring temperatures outside. The interior is minimalist yet comfortable and the icey cold water in front of us refreshing.

Atmosphere: 5/5

Unlike other restaurants, Zenbar does gluten free as the rule, rather than as the exception. In fact, a whole page of the menu is dedicated to gluten free options. All sound appetising and full of flavour. I decide on the Asian Prawn Salad, which is generous on the succently sweet prawns. Although perhaps an unusual combination, the sliced hard boiled eggs coupled with the prawns, lettuce and spicy dressing work well. Being rather peckish, I could probably have done with there being more substance to the salad, but as salads go it was pretty good.

Food: 17/20

The waitstaff were friendly and helpful; yet still retained a professional demeanour. My glass of water was continuously refilled without so much as a glance at the waiter.

Staff: 10/10

At $18.50 for a fairly basic salad, Zenbar is slightly on the pricey side. And $18.50 was one of the cheaper options as a main. The lunch menu ranged in price from $7 (for an entree) to $18.50 - $28.50 for a main.

Value: 6/10

With attentive waitstaff; the restaurant was always going to be spotless.

Cleanliness: 5/5

TOTAL SCORE: 43/50 or 86%

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