Eaton's Hill Hotel & Function Centre, 646 South Pine Rd, QLD 4037, Ph:0733256777

Date of Review: 16 November 2012

Eaton's Hill Hotel is an impressive venue - the spacious dining areas reminds me of the affluent suburbs in Denver that we visited on holiday a few years ago. No amount of cost has been spared on the plush furnishings and detail. The building oozes sophistication and rustic charm via the stone facade.

It's a hot summer night, so the sliding windows beside our table have been drawn back, so we can bask in the cool air and view the beautifully landscaped grounds below.

Atmosphere: 5/5

The menu is quite extensive and any items that are gluten free are marked accordingly. However, when my salmon with sweet corn, potato gratin and asparagus arrives, it is almost thrown at me by the waitress. Luckily I am a good catch and manage to avoid the plate sliding off the table! The salmon is tender, the potato creamy, the asparagus crunchy and the corn sweet. Unfortunately, I am sceptical about the bacon resting on top of the salmon and whether that is gluten free. I carefully pick it to one side - too hungry to care about the risk of possible gluten contamination. As far as presentation goes, the plate looks awkward.

Food: 16/20

We were less than impressed by the waitstaff, who seemed to have a whole lot of attitude. From the waitress who flung my food in my face, to the bouncer who advised us after we'd forked out $70 on our meals that we were no longer appropriately dressed to stay after 7pm, the waitstaff really let this place down. When we politely pointed out that tailored shorts and shoes (not thongs) were less revealing than some of the belts other patrons were wearing, we were explicitly told that a different set of rules applies to men and women. Which, quite frankly, is ridiculous.

Staff: 1/10

Two mains and two drinks set us back $70. This is probably slightly on the pricier side for the quality of food received and the service with which it was deivered.

Value: 5/10

The place was fairly clean, apart from the odd stray chip on the floor!

Cleanliness: 3/5

Total Score: 30/50 or 60%

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