Homestyle Bacon and Egg Pie

Sometimes you just feel like pastry. That flaky, buttery, doughy delicious goodness which tantalises your taste-buds and leaves you craving the next mouthful. I've always been a pastry fan - there is something comforting about knowing that when you add egg and butter to flour, you can create the base of any fantastic culinary creation.

Well that's the way it used to be anyway. I'm still finding my way when it comes to making gluten free pastry . While you and I wait until that is perfected; I'm going for instant pastry gratification through ready-made store bought pastry.

Recently I tried The Pastry Pantry's Rough Puff Pastry (100% gluten free and wheat free) which I bought at Coles Supermarket. At A$10 for three sheets of pastry, this option is not cheap, but it offers momentary relief from pastry pangs! The main ingredients are rice flour and corn starch with chia seed. The pastry was very easy to work with, but in my opinion it tasted pretty average and my hubby was disappointed with the texture - next time I will try making my own version or buy another brand like, Gluten-Free Pantry Perfect Pie Crust Mix -- 16 oz.

However, do not let this put you off trying a ready-made gluten free pastry for yourself! Depending on what you use as a filling, the pastry can be somewhat overlooked...


And here’s how to make it ...

1. Roll out two sheets of pastry between two sheets of baking paper (also known as parchment paper).

2. Place one sheet of pastry carefully into a baking dish and trim the edges with a knife. Don't worry if the pastry breaks. If this happens, simply dip your fingers into some water and smooth out and cracks.

3. Once the pastry has no cracks in it, break three eggs onto the pastry.

4. Layer with slices of bacon.

5. Break another egg on top of the bacon, being careful to transfer some of the egg white into another bowl. Then, using a small whisk, gently distribute the egg over the bacon.

6. Carefully cover with the remaining pastry sheet and trim. Using a pastry brush, cover the top with egg white and using a knife criss-cross a pattern on the top.

7. Place in a pre-heated over at 200 degrees celsius for about 20 minutes.

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