Yi, 41 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Ph: 0732118320

Date of Review: 3 August 2012

Walking into Yi feels like walking into a good friend's home. There is the comforting smell of home-cooked food and always a friendly welcome. I have been to Yi multiple times in the past few years and have always been impressed. The cafe regularly updates its menu and often has some great specials. For example, there is a make-your-own breakfast option with a wide variety of sides, where a choice of three sides only costs $10 and a choice of five sides, just $15. Now that is value for money! There is also "High Tea at Yi" served from 10am - 12pm or 2.30pm - 4.30pm every weekday. The cafe also sells a wide selection of gifts as well as takeaway coffees and slices.

Atmosphere: 4/5

While the menu might change frequently, the food is consistently delicious. A combination of Asian fusion- modern Australian served in generous portion sizes. Some items are marked LG (low gluten) on the menu. I asked if this actually meant "gluten free" and was reassured that it did, but like so many places, this is a technicality to cover themselves from any unexpected gluten accidents. I am pleased to report that I suffered from no such incidents myself after eating here! I chose the pork belly with rice and Asian style vegetables. The meat was succulent and the veges were crunchy.

Food: 19/20

Not only is the food consistently good, but the staff are consistently friendly. Owner Vivian instils her warm personality and love of Hong Kong's food into her staff.

Staff: 10/10

You are cerntainly getting value for money when you dine at Yi. The enormous servings always leave you satisfied yet craving more.

Value: 10/10

The cafe is lovingly maintained, but alas has only one bathroom.

Cleanliness: 4/5

TOTAL SCORE: 47/50 or 94% Yi Cafe & Gifts, on Edward on Urbanspoon

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