Why does reducing ingredients justify hiking up the price?

So I find myself feeling relatively hungover one Saturday afternoon and wanting to just sink my teeth into some carb-saturated takeaway food. I want something that is filling and delicious - anything that will take away the pain of my throbbing headache! Plus wherever we choose to buy from also has to be able to cater for my non-gluten free hubby!

So where to go and what to do?

Being new to this whole gluten free journey, I have no idea where to start and am aimlessly thumbing through the Yellow Pages looking for suggestions. Then I remember, Pizza Capers does gluten-free pizza bases now - so I check out the menu. Every pizza can be made gluten-free - which sounds too good to be true. My cynical brain tries to find a catch....and there it is - the gluten-free pizzas are regular size but cost $4 more than the non gluten-free ones. Which lead me to wonder....

Why is it that when you are removing ingredients it ends up costing more???

Ok, so maybe the gluten-free pizza bases cost more and this is why Pizza Capers has to charge more... but what about the manufacturers of those pizza bases - why do they need to charge more when they are putting in fewer ingredients to make the base? I simply don't get it! By the way - the pizza was delicious though :-)

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