Chocolate Mud Cake with Ganache

This is kind of a "special occasion" cake - luckily I managed to find one such special occasion so I could make it!

It was my Dad's birthday and I really wanted to: a) get him a cake that I could enjoy too; b) make it myself and therefore not spend a fortune finding some gluten-free speciality cake shop; and c) not spend much time making it, mainly so he wouldn't get suspicious of why I was suddenly spending so long in the kitchen! Once again "Yes You Can" did not disappoint with their AMAZING Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake Mix with ganache. The cake itself did not even taste gluten free and everyone (gluten free and normal intestines alike) could not get enough of it. Although the saturated fat content was higher than other gluten free goodies I have baked and the sugar content was high - as a treat once and a while, I think these factors can be overlooked. Plus did I mention that the creamy chocolate texture of the cake was out of this world?! The only other downside to the higher than usual fat/sugar content was that oil needed to be added. Usually I am not a fan of adding oil to anything other than stir-frys, but again am willing to overlook it on this occasion! Other ingredients needed were water and 2 eggs. The cake took about 50 minutes to cook in total. At only $5.50 for a whole cake - this is one worthwhile purchase! The Verdict: 18/20

Sugar and Fat content: 2/5 Saturated 7.8g per 100g, trans 0.7g per 100g, Sugars 34.8g per 100

Ease of making: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

Price: 5/5

The low Down

Brand: Yes You Can

Where bought: Coles / Zone Fresh

Ingredients: Sugar, Gluten free flour (potato starch, maize starch, tapioca starch, rice flour) cocoa powder (7.1%), thickeners (412,415,461-methylcellulose), whey (from milk), raising agents (450, 500), emulsifier (471-halal) salt, natural vanilla

Allergy Advice:Contains milk solids and soy products


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