Sauces for the road

Ok... so it turns out that there may have been some truth to the nutritionist's comments I mentioned in my last post here...going gluten-free DOES mean being organised to some extent - especially if you want to eat out and want your food to have flavour!

Recently, I decided to dine at our local Leagues Club and was reminded of the fact that organisation pays off. I requested my usual dish I have there - the nachos with grilled chicken, instead of the beef (which has some flour seasoning in it). The staff there have always been sooo accommodating, but they have recently changed their rules. No more nachos with chicken for me! So I had a salad with grilled chicken and no dressing on it. I was dying for some taste, but they couldn't be sure any of the dressing was I had to have it in its raw state.

This made me think how easy it would be to just gather together some small travel bottles and pop some gluten-free salad dressing in one, soy sauce in another, and bbq/tomato sauce in the last one, so that whenever I dine, I can have taste at my fingertips.

Let me know of your gluten-free dining savvy ideas!

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