Trick or Treat? Gluten Free Halloween Lollies

Last year I was completely unprepared for the trick or treaters who came door knocking on Halloween. While Mr Tolerant tried to distract them by asking what tricks they had in store, I was rummaging through the kitchen cupboards frantically trying to find some lollies that I could hand out.  We had to resort to watching the kids break-dance on our doorstep, their faces sullen and full of disappointment.

Well not this year. This year I am prepared. Prepared for them and also prepared to indulge myself!

I have checked the ingredients lists for popular lollies made by Allens and Pascall, which are now commonly available in the big supermarket chains in Australia, Coles and Woolworths, and which will no doubt be given out as Halloween treats.  Note that I have only included lollies that are gluten free in the following lists, therefore if your favourite lollies made by Allens and Pascall do not appear in the lists below, then I have assessed them as not being gluten free.

Remember the rules when looking for gluten free lollies – glucose syrup, even if made from wheat, is gluten free, as it is so highly processed that no traces of gluten remain (as advised by Coeliac Australia).

Watch out for 1400 – 1450 thickeners – if they have “wheat” next to them in brackets, they are not gluten free. Despite sounding like wheat, “whey powder” is gluten free, as is soy (only soy sauce is not GF).

 On occasion, a product may not contain gluten; however it is manufactured on the same equipment that processes products that does contain gluten.

This may result in what is known as “cross-contamination” and hence there could be small amounts of gluten in a product. Where this is the case, the product should state “Made on equipment that also processes products containing gluten” following the ingredients list.


Most of Allens brands contain thickeners made from wheat and are not GF. But there are some exceptions. According to Allens website, as at 15 January 2013, the following Allen’s confectionary products are GF:
•Chew Mix
•Kool Fruits
•Kool Mints


According to Pascall’s website, as at 27 October 2013, the following Pascall’s confectionary products are GF:
•Choc caramels
•Chocolate Eclairs
•Pineapple Lumps
•Barley Sugar (despite the name!)
•Fruit Bon Bons

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