The Best Gluten Free Brands

If you’re like me, one of the most difficult things about going gluten-free is giving up at least the option of grabbing a muffin or a slice when you feel like something delicious to go with your coffee. So, instead of spending a few bucks on something sweetish and filling, I’m left to decipher whether chocolate is a good enough substitute – and I gotta tell you sometimes it’s just not! I want more variety.

However, not all is lost ... luckily there are a few pre-packaged GF brands which offer sweet treats that aren’t too expensive and, most importantly, are tasty!  And let’s face it; with all the health benefits that going GF means, sometimes I don’t want to have a ‘purer than thou’ attitude every day! Sometimes I just want to pretend my small intestine is normal.

To start with, I’ll be putting to the test a few commonly found GF brands that have a baking range, which might include pre-packaged mixes as well as those ready-to-eat varieties.

I’ll be rating each brand out of a total score of 20 according to the following criteria (which lurk at the back of any woman’s mind) ...

Plus, of course, I’ll let you know where you can buy these brands.

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