Spring, 26 Felix Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Ph 07 32290460

Date of Review: 11 May and 23 May 2012

As soon as I stepped into Spring, I was surrounded by simple yet stylish decor. An eclectic mix of French inspired farmhouse combined with contemporary artworks and antiques made me instantly love the huge airy space 

5/5 for atmosphere

The food was impeccable both times I visited and left me wanting more. For brunch I had the creamed spinach and poached eggs, which was to die for and a delicious coffee. The next time I visited I had the haloumi salad, which was also very good, except for there was a bit much dressing for my liking. The only downside with both menus is that items are not marked according to dietary requirements, so you have to make a point of asking... and even then you're not guaranteed to get exactly what you want. I had to send back my brunch because the bread wasn't gluten-free. But on the upside, the staff were apologetic and offered us a free round of coffees and a discount on my food.

17/20 for food

Although the staff were quite friendly, there were too few of them for the size of the restaurant, which made service pretty disorganised the first time I went there... the second time was much better

6/10 for staff

Both the brunch and lunch menus offered pretty good value, compared to other cafes/restaurants in the CBD

8/10 for value

Despite being incredibly busy, the tables were cleared after customers left and thoroughly wiped down

5/5 for cleanliness  

TOTAL SCORE: 41/50 or 82%

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