Super Food 6: Broccoli

"Eat your broccoli!"  was a common command in our house when we were growing up. Back then I didn't like broccoli much. It's floral-like heads always seemed enormous and unmanageable. So much so, that I used eat the baked potato on my plate but not the skin, which I would turn upside down and then sneakily shove the broccoli underneath, creating a secret stash, while also making my plate look finished.

Thankfully I have discovered that there are alternatives to simply boiling broccoli and serving it as is, and some of them make it taste pretty good too. Plus every mouthful of broccoli is doing your body wonders.


So what makes broccoli such a superfood?

5 Facts about Broccoli you Didn't Know

Broccoli & Parmesan Pasta

Here's what you'll need...

And here's how to make it ...

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