Coeliacs at Gallipoli

When the word "Gallipoli" is mentioned most people in Australia and New Zealand think of World War I - of sandy shores stained with the blood of a generation of young ANZACs who lost their lives in a country they had never known. But for the few soldiers who made their way across those sandy shores, have you ever wondered what sustained them for the battles to come? And was any of the food gluten free?

The Gaythorne RSL in the north of Brisbane launched its 2013 Anzac Appeal on 5 April 2013 by offering "front-line food".  On offer was "hard tack" and "bully beef."  So what exactly is in this food and would any of it be suitable for someone on a gluten free diet? Well yes and no.

Hard tack consists of flour, water and salt rolled out and cooked for 30 minutes on each side in a hot oven. So hard tack is definitely out. Whereas bully beef is comprised of canned corn beef, onion, spices, celery, carrot and brown sugar. So bully beef is gluten free.

So I'm guessing that those who were gluten intolerant or had coeliac disease just had to eat the food on offer and suffer any consequences that emerged, whilst continuing to fight for their country. Now there are some super amazing heros.

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