Manolas Brothers Deli, Aria Building Shop 17a Albert Ave, Broadbeach, QLD 4218, Ph: 0755388223

Date of Review: 6 April 2013

Seats and tables spill outside onto the footpath as do the customers Manola's attracts. The huge glass cabinets are heaped with delicious looking desserts and scrumptious looking salads, not to mention the amazing array of cheeses and cured meats - but that's only on one side of the cafe! On the other side, shelves are stacked high with all sorts of imported and locally made delicacies. Whenever I walk into Manolas it's as if I'm in a trance.

Atmosphere: 4/5

The cafe has a good selection of gluten free options and all their meat is gluten free. This makes deciding what to have for brunch very tricky - I opt for the eggs benedict on g-free toast with crispy bacon, accompanied by a glass of Caribbean juice. The juices are made on site and are packed with refreshing goodness. The juice is delicious and the eggs benedict  is very good, although a little cold for my liking.

Food: 17/20

Manolas is an order at the counter arrangement, but the staff are willing to take the time to go through any dietary requirements. Dishes are mid-highly priced.

Value: 3/5

TOTAL SCORE: 24/30 or 80%

Caribbean juice     eggs benedict, gluten free, bacon


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