Sol Breads West End, 23-27 Vulture Street, West End, QLD 4101, ph: 0732551225

Date of Review: 9 March 2013

Sol sits on the corner of a busy street in the West End. It certainly has the traffic, but does it tick the gluten free goodness box too? I had heard so many good things about Sol, including that it has an amazing array of homemade breads for sale (both gluten free and regular bread). So naturally I was eager to see if Sol lived up to its reputation.

There were a few tables inside and a couple outside, but crumbs were a plenty, so I was hoping that given the cafe's predisposition towards being gluten free friendly, they were not going to pose a threat!

Atmosphere: 2/5

We arrived at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and were informed that all the gluten free bread, rolls and buns had already been sold. I was disappointed, but catching a glimpse of the display cabinet, my hope returned. Surely there would be something gluten free in there! Unfortunately not. Nothing aside from the cheesecake in the overcrowded cabinet was gluten free. And nothing on the menu was marked gluten free either - not that we could eat anything from there as the kitchen had shut half an hour earlier.

After consulting with the waitstaff, I am informed that there is a Thai pumpkin soup which is gluten free and can be served with some gluten free bread (which they might have a few pieces of). As this is my only option and I am starving, I take it. I am pleasantly surprised when the soup comes out - presentation is great and the flavour delicious. Although it would have been nice to have more than one small slice of bread to accompany a soup of that size and spice.

I try my friend's gluten free cheesecake. It is rich and dense with blueberries interspersed throughout. Yum!

Food: 15/20

Reasonably priced - the loaves of bread sell for about $8 though. I might stop by and buy one when there are some for sale.

Value: 3/5

TOTAL SCORE: 20/30 or 67%


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