Smoked Salmon Canapes

"Bring a plate" - those three words have the power to instil fear and dread into even the most calm of us.

These feelings can be magnified however, when you need to cater for gluten free dietary requirements.

Suddenly your easy "go-to" plate flies out the window and you need to start from scratch. But you don't have the time or energy to spend baking something unknown.

What if it doesn't turn out? What if it takes too long? What if it tastes bad? Can non-gluten free recipes be adapted?

Mr Tolerant has had to suffer through these types of situations rather frequently, due to last minute work decisions to have afternoon teas to celebrate milestone achievements. For instance, there was the time when I got home from work exhausted, plonked my bag down, and headed straight to the kitchen to start beating eggs and butter.

How long are you planning on using the electric beater for? It's not very relaxing and I can't hear the news!

Sorry love, I won't be a sec! I shout back.

Problem is, I won't be a second, more like over an hour in trying to make this flourless chocolate cake .

Why can't you just buy something tomorrow morning? Why does it have to be home-made? asks the ever-practical Mr Tolerant.

The truth is the reason it has to be home-made is to ease my feelings of guilt ... the way I see it is that you can buy something a few times, but doing so consistently, when others are baking, just doesn't seem fair. In fact, it makes you seem slack and like a cheat, even if you might have already put in a 40 hour work week!

My dear mother encountered this very quandary not so long ago, except that half her tennis team are gluten free and she is not. Her solution? Adapt an existing recipe to be gluten free. And it worked with apparently with outstanding success!

So fellow foodie, tell me what is your "go-to" bring a plate?

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Here's What You'll Need...

smoked salmon canapes, gluten free

And Here's How to Make Them...

  • Cut a circle with a circle-shaped cutter/glass rim from each slice of bread. (Smaller ones if it is for finger food, larger if for luncheon/snack).

  • If a crispy texture is desired, toast under griller until golden brown. Set aside to cool.(Keep a close watch on these if grilling!)

  • Mix the salmon, chopped parsley and cream cheese together in a bowl and spread thickly on each cooled round of bread.

  • Garnish with tomato, pickle and more parsley, and salt and pepper to taste.

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