Fat Noodle, 130 William St (Treasury Casino), QLD 4000, Ph: 0733068888

Date of Review: 22 February 2013

Stepping inside the Casino, the space has been transformed into a beautiful restaurant with gold leave Chinese-influenced calligraphy wallpaper, mahjong tiles and bamboo furnishings. This place is stylish, sleek and sophisticated. However, the place is crowded and we are squashed in. The complimentary green tea helps calm my nerves.

Atmosphere: 4/5

The menu is extensive but gluten free items (or any other dietary requirements) are not specified. There is the catch-all disclaimer at the bottom of the menu stating "All dishes may contain traces of gluten, nuts, dairy, and egg." Not filled with confidence. I ask the waitstaff, who have no knowledge of what "gluten" is. I explain and order the Hainan Chicken ($16) with no sauce.

The Hainan Chicken arrives and is incredibly bland - even despite not having the sauce. The flavour is not there. Plus the broth that accompanies it is not to my liking - way too strong. The meal is mediocre at best.

Food: 11/20

The menu is divided into a number of different sections: small plates, rice, noodle soups, woks, and drinks. The prices range from $9 to $19 - so all in all very reasonably priced. But then you do pay for what you get. The only thing that would tempt me back again would be to try their Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Value: 3/5

TOTAL SCORE: 18/30 or 60%

Fat Noodle, Asian, Hainan Chicken Fat Noodle, Asian, Brisbane

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