Gluten Free Pasta

One carbohydrate that was always a comfort "go to" food in my pantry was pasta. Since being diagnosed with coeliac disease, I have pined for pasta. That eggy, rich taste being swathed in buttery goodness has disappeared from my life.

Oh sure there are the gluten free substitute varieties. I have plenty of them in my pantry - the majority being donated by concerned friends and family. But the texture just isn't there.

Let me explain, pasta used to be my go-to meal after a busy day in the office. Now it has become a finely tuned art. You see, gluten free pasta has a nasty habit of disintegrating and becoming slimy if it is not released from the pot at exactly the right moment. What this means in practice is that I can no longer leave it to simmer away on the stove while I get on with my life. Oh no, now I anxiously hover over the stovetop, tending to my precious pasta, with sweat beading on my brow. Every few seconds I catch myself glimpsing at the oven clock, poising myself to pounce on the pasta when it looks like 12 minutes has passed. It always seems like an eternity.

But imagine having to juggle making your gluten free pasta, along with two other types of pasta! This is what a friend now has to do. One type for her, another for her hubbie and still another for the kids. This puts things into perspective ... my life could be a lot worse!

So tell me fellow foodie, what is your favourite type of gluten free pasta and which brand do you like the best?

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