Gluten Free Pistachio and Cranberry Christmas Biscotti

It is always comforting having something sweet to dunk in your morning coffee. And biscotti can transform coffee into a toasty meal.

Originating from the same Italian word meaning "twice-baked," the baking process used to make biscotti prolongs its shelf life for 1 to 6 months and means that it can be freezed and defrosted when needed.

Biscotti is first baked in a log and then removed from the oven, cooled and sliced, and then baked again to draw out any lingering moisture. The result is a crisp, dry texture - making it perfect to dunk into your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or even in your after dinner dessert wine!

Although biscotti are usually made from almonds, my version takes on a festive feel by combining the glorious green of pistachios with the rich ruby red of cranberries. Given its long shelf life, this gluten free Christmas biscotti makes a perfect last minute Christmas gift that can simply be pulled from the freezer at a moments notice.

Here's what you'll need ...

And here's how to make it ...

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