Sanitarium Kitchen, Riverside Centre, 145 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Ph: 07 3221 7988

Date of Review: 13 December 2012

The Sanitarium Kitchen prides itself on pioneering the Australian health food industry, since it originally opened its doors in 1911. Although the location has changed; the cafe's enthusiasm for fresh and nutritious food hasn't. The Kitchen is now located in the Riverside Centre on Eagle Street. There is the option of sitting outdoors or inside the lobby area of the premises. Being a hot day, we chose the latter, purely for the air-con. It felt rather awkward and impersonal being squashed into the lobby and in hindsight I would recommend sitting outside.

Atmosphere: 2/5

The menu conveniently designates those meals that are gluten free, vegan, nut free, super foods and low GI foods. Despite all the labels, there are only a couple of gluten free options that I would consider trying. You see, there are a lot of light gluten free options - but I like to make my lunch last until dinner!

I opt for the roast beetroot, lentils, dried cranberries and hazelnut salad. At $12 for a large serving and $9 for a small serving, the salads are reasonably priced. If you love beetroot this is the dish for you! I was overwhelmed by how much beetroot there was and struggled to finish. The hazelnuts and cranberries were delicious, but I personally didn't like the beetroot/lentil combination.

Food: 15/20

Sanitarium Kitchen is an order at the counter cafe, although there is some table service in that the food gets brought out to you. There didn't seem to be enough waitstaff for the number of customers though, so service was a little slow.

Staff: 6/10

The dishes here are definitely value for money - the portions are generous and the quality seems to be good. Mains range from $15 to $18, with salads ranging from $9 to $12 each.

Value: 8/10

Despite an absence of waitstaff, the cafe was relatively clean.

Cleanliness: 4/5

TOTAL SCORE: 35/50 or 68%

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