Find of the Week!

Let me tell you a story ... one that happened not so long ago, but that I still have recurring nightmares from.

It begins with a nutritionist sent to convert about the benefits of living a gluten-free lifestyle. This nutritionist is skinny as a rake, but glowing with the self-righteousness that comes from fanaticism in any pursuit.

Don’t get me wrong, this man means to help you, wants to sell you his products and persuade you that’s it really not that bad being GF. I mean that’s why he has been sent to ‘re-educate’.

His motto is, it’s easy going GF – you just have to become super organised and devote your spare time to baking and cooking sauces from scratch!

Firstly, not everyone is a baker or a good cook – in fact (gasp, shock) not everyone likes spending their spare time donning an apron and pretending that they’re a 1950s housewife. So what to do if you’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease and struggle with even the most basic of cooking?

Luckily my friend bought me a life-saving book - it's called 4 Ingredients Gluten Free by Kim McKosker and Rachael Bermingham. The beauty of the book is that every recipe only requires 4 ingredients, plus you don't have to think about what ingredient substitutes to use, because the hard work is done for you!

Believe it or not, there are over 400 recipes in this book and the ones I have made have been delicious and easy enough to make that even my non-gluten-free hubby loves them! Plus they are not at all time-comsuming or require expensive ingredients(or the ones I have chosen to make haven't been!) Perfect!

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